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We are in the field of Analytical-Scientific Instrumentation with full service operations in all major cities of India (Please see our contact details for more information). We offer products and services associated with categories like Chromatography, Dissolution, Extraction, Sample preparation and evaporation representing manufacturer's like Distek Inc, Biotage , Applied Separations Inc, Sotax etc.

We have over the past decade and more been very successful in providing our customers with quality products and technology backed by prompt service in the process also helping our principals to successfully establish their brands in India. We hope to continue bringing newer technology and products for the benefit of our customers and in helping them achieve their goals in the ever-changing field of science, research and development.



New Arrivals

Fiber Optic UV

In-situ Fiber Optic UV Dissolution

Opt-Diss 405™

In-situ Fiber Optic UV Dissolution improves precision and accuracy by eliminating the need for sample removal. Keeping the science in the vessel eliminates the consumables associated with other sampling methods while the system’s sampling speed is unmatched.

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Symphony 7100

Symphony 7100

The Symphony 7100 Bathless Dissolution System is the most advanced dissolution design to date, bringing to market features never before available in a dissolution unit.

Building upon Distek's first to market bathless technology, this third generation unit offers the fastest media heating time in the industry which increases laboratory throughput. The proven Bathless technology eradicates bath based maintenance cost and supplements your laboratory's green efforts by saving water and power.

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Lunar Vials

Lunar Vials is a Division of Crescent Scientific Pvt.Ltd., we operates as a manufacturer, reseller and assembly business serving the laboratory markets.


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