Dassault systems BIOVIA, a US based company provides a scientific collaborative environment for advanced biological, chemical, and materials experiences that help science and process-driven companies develop better products faster and more cost effectively in regulated and non-regulated environments. As the basis of BIOVIA's server and cloud based offerings, the BIOVIA foundation provides an open, scientifically aware, service oriented architecture that allows organizations to integrate and deploy broad scientific solutions spanning collaborative science, unified lab management, process production operations and quality /regulatory management. Using BIOVIA technology, scientific innovators can access, organize, analyze and share data in unprecedented ways, ultimately enhancing innovation, improving productivity and compliance, reducing cost and accelerating product development from early production ideation through R&D to QA/QC and manufacturing.

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New Arrivals :

CondenSyn Air Condensers

The Asynt CondenSyn Waterless Air Condenser is a unique glass condenser, handmade individually in the UK

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