2Tech L/S Super Critical Fluid Extractor (SFE) :

The 2-TECH-L/S is a multipurpose, movable pilot plant/small production system. The system has been ingeniously designed to process both solid/semi-solid samples and liquid samples. Solids are extracted in batch by a 5 liter (or 2 liter) extractor vessel and cyclone separator. Liquids are extracted through a counter-current column where supercritical CO2 flows counter-current to the flow of a liquid containing the compound of interest. Through a crossover network, extract from the solids extractor vessel can also be sent to the counter-current column.
Although most supercritical fluid extractions are accomplished using carbon dioxide, other gases can also be used. The 2-TECH-L/S system supports the supercritical fluid extraction by other gases as long as facilities modifications are made.

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