Co-Mix laboratory Mixer and Shaker :

How many times have you: Wasted time stood watching your microplate mixing because you had to change the speed every few minutes? Risked your results because you left something standing for too long when you didn't know it had finished? Had to redo a step in your method because your mixer had thrown your samples across the room? Been forced to change your method because your mixer can't do what you need it to? The Co-Mix is a laboratory mixer with an independent built-in vortex pad that you can use simultaneously - That makes it different to any other mixer out there. It's fully programmable, allowing you to create and store your own unique mixing profiles with variable ramp rates, mixing times and mixing speeds That makes the Co-Mix different to any other mixer too. It isn't an ugly, off-white coloured box No more information needed on that one If you have had to purchase more than one lab mixer/shaker in the last year, you obviously haven't got a Co-Mix. The University of Kent's Medway School of Pharmacy used to have that problem, read their SelectScience review to see what they think of theirs.

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