Dissolution Vessel Washer - VIP 4400 :

The VIP 4400 is the latest in unique products from Distek that addresses one of the most time consuming and least productive aspects of the dissolution test: bath clean-up. Customers employing the Distek VIP 4400 will virtually eliminate the tedious process of removing, draining, and cleaning dissolution vessels. The use of the VIP 4400 is guaranteed to save time, reduce cost, and increase the output of the dissolution laboratory by performing these functions, in-situ.

The VIP 4400 offers a unique, patent pending "cyclone" wash nozzle which provides a full 360 of wash without the "dead zone" created by a separate drain tube. The extremely quiet and maneuverable dissolution vessel washer has 3 selectable wash cycles from light to heavy. Each wash will take between 30-45 seconds per vessel or approximately 3-4 minutes per dissolution bath, depending on the wash cycle chosen.

An optional, electronically controlled wash wand for rinsing the shafts and stirring elements prior to initiating the drain and wash cycle provides added convenience for the dissolution chemist. An optional heater, programmable from 25-60C, can be installed in the rinse tank to provide heated media for hard to clean products.

The VIP 4400 employs electronic empty/full sensors along with a continuous monitoring visual level window, to prevent users from overfilling or running the tanks empty. With low-noise self-priming pumps, the VIP 4400 is the easiest to use and quietest dissolution vessel washer on the market.

If increased productivity and efficiency are your goals then the VIP 4400 is the must-have accessory for your dissolution laboratory.

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